Sail into Spring at Gurney’s Resorts Marinas 

By Editor 2022, February

While temperatures remain below freezing and the snow may still be falling, winter is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming boating season. Our 2 state-of-the-art marinas at Gurney’s Star Island in Montauk and Gurney’s Newport are favorites among the boating community and are havens for cruisers, sport fish and mega yachts. Each marina guest has full access to resort facilities and amenities, including our restaurants and bars, lifestyle programming, plus our general store and access to dock-side “room service”. We recently sat down with our dock master John Waters, to discuss his passion for boating, why Gurney’s marinas are so special, and his insider tips for boat owners before our Star Island Marina opens on April 15th and our Newport Marina opens on May 1st. 

Editor: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into boating? 

John Waters: I grew up in Northport on the North shore of Long Island. I began working at a marina in Northport straight out of school. Northport is a sailing town – so I spent a lot of time in sailing competitions. While running the marina in Northport I earned the awesome opportunity to be the dockmaster for the America’s Cup in NYC. Two years later, I did it again for Sail GP. Those experiences inspired me and challenged me to push my limits and crafted me into the professional that I am today.  

Editor: How long have you been with Gurney’s Resorts? 

John Waters: I’ve been with Gurney’s since they purchased the Montauk Yacht Club in 2018. Montauk and Newport are quintessential boating destinations – the towns, the fishing, the people, the surfing – everything thrives around the water – as do I. I spent my early years growing up in St Thomas – so I’ve been on launch boats since I was 3 years old.  From an early age, I’ve always loved everything about boats and boating. How they run, the work that goes into them and how to make sure they’re taken care of, especially when they’re with us.   

Editor: What makes each Gurney’s marina so special? 

JW: The properties in general are beautiful – when you couple that with the amenities that are offered – from restaurants, to bars, to pools to the proximity to town – they are unlike any other marina’s in the area.  

The best amenities in my opinion are the dining and ambiance of the Gurney’s experience. With the waterfront, spectacular views, delicious food and exceptional drinks… it’s always a fun time.  


Editor: What are the top 5 questions to ask when choosing a marina? 

JW: When choosing a marina for a day trip, overnight stay or seasonal dockage – it’s important to consider the following: 

  • Location is number one.  

  • Amenities is two.  

  • Dock staff is also very important. When you pay a certain cost you should receive a certain level of service – we’ll deliver that service every time at Gurney’s. 

  • Cleanliness and dock upkeep 

  • Comfort – be it security, noise or ease of getting in or out  


Editor: Do you have any expert tips that boat owners may not know? 

JW: My number one tip is to make reservations early and always call for dockhand assistance – we’re there to help you. 


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