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Music Sets the Mood in Montauk

By Editor 2022, October

With chilly fall and cold winter days ahead, we know we’ll be dreaming of those warm days on the beach and hot nights at the firepit. To keep the vibe going all year, we checked in with resident expert DJ Chachi, aka Scott Petrizzo, from 4AM. The music talent management and events company based in New York City, specializes in live performances for the nightlife, events, and weddings industries. With a focus on DJs, producers, and other live music entertainers, 4AM has worked with hundreds of artists and venues, leading to thousands of events, since their inception in 2010.

Their mission is to create a more equitable and fair playing field for musicians and artists in the live event space. They consider each talent they work with to be a ‘business of one’ and help them to transform their passion into a career. 4AM creates a trusted and transparent ecosystem for independent artists to thrive by empowering them with more time to focus on their creative pursuits while opening doors to new opportunities.


Music has become such an important part of the Montauk scene, especially here at Gurney's. How would you describe the vibe your DJs set?

During the day at The Beach Club the vibes are a little more of a St. Tropez, Mykonos type of vibe . The Firepit is more of a high energy party vibe. 

How does the Showfish Restaurant vibe differ from the Pool Club at Star Island?

Showfish brings a local crowd who enjoys a bit wider of a variety of music than the guests.

People dancing and enjoying dj music at the Beach Club.

How does each DJ find their musical voice?

DJs bring their talent experience and combining that with reading each individual room to create a unique musical experience. 

What are some of the differences between this summer and past summers, pre COVID?

Pre-covid, the parties were still exciting but post-covid they went to another level. I think seeing what we missed made the crowds even more excited to be out and to enjoy every moment.

Have you seen the crowds change? Have you seen a difference in the type of music that gets people excited?

The crowds have definitely evolved. I think the clientele is more musically educated and well rounded. The music has changed as well with Dance music having such a resurgence thanks to acts such as Rufus Du Sol.

Crowd enjoying live music while lounging at The Firepit.

How can you tell what the crowd is looking for? How do you read the energy of a venue?

Energy tells you everything you need to know. You can sense it when the DJ has the crowd in the palm of their hand or when they don’t.

Any favorite memories of this summer at Gurney’s Resorts?

Seeing the crowd mesmerized by the performance of Goldfish. They’re incredible. 

What’s your favorite type of event to play at?

Outdoor nightlife venues. The combination of music and being outdoors is my perfect setting.

What trends are you seeing in the event/wedding season this year?

Musically we have seen a shift towards cooler trendier music for events and the addition of live instrumentalists.

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