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The Power Of The Sea, Salt & Sand

By Editor 2022, December

Salt has long been a mainstay of health gurus across the globe; humans have used the hardworking mineral to heal, preserve, and cleanse for centuries. It’s why salt and sand, known for their healing powers, are main focuses at Gurney’s Seawater Spa—our thalassotherapy-based treatments are designed to take full advantage of the ancient minerals. At the spa, we use salt for its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties, incorporating it into many of the specialty treatments you won’t find anywhere else. 

View from above as masseuse provides hot stone massage to female spa client.


Life on Earth began in the mineral rich waters of our oceans, which contain a chemical composition remarkably similar to the human body. This discovery gave rise to numerous medical uses and restorative therapies using seawater and sea-derived remedies to boost the immune system and restore the body’s optimal balance.


Salt-enriched seaside air provides natural detoxifying and strengthening benefits for the respiratory system and negative ions for a feel-good effect. Topical applications accelerate cell rejuvenation, reduce inflammation and improve skin function.


Originally used in ancient Egypt as a medicinal cure, hot sand therapy was revived in the 1980s as a potent remedy for physical pain and muscle tension, while also working on a deeper level to purify the body and stimulate the metabolism. 

Woman receiving Therapeutic Fusion Himalayan Salt Stone Massage at Seawater Spa.

Ready to experience them for yourself? Here’s just a sample of our salt-centric treatments at Gurney’s Seawater Spa

Sea & Salt Glow Body Scrub - Clear away dead skin, increase cell turnover and boost the circulatory system with an invigorating body polish. Salt and sea elements with organic seaweed leave skin buffed, restored and glowing.  

Therapeutic Fusion Himalayan Salt Stone Massage - Himalayan Salt Stone Massage incorporates relaxing Swedish, therapeutic Deep Tissue and warming Himalayan salt stones. Complementing temperatures, soothing rhythms and varying pressures combine to calm the mind while stimulating circulation, easing long-held muscle tension.