The Serenity of Winter in Montauk with Local Resident & Entrepreneur, Rachel Goldberg

By Editor 2022, February

Entrepreneur and Montauk resident Rachel Goldberg holds space for wellness every day. Born and raised in Montauk, Rachel spent 10 years in Hawaii before returning to her roots back out on the east end. A true renaissance woman, Rachel spent years studying and teaching yoga, now owns a store in Montauk, and embraces her creativity through interior design, making jewelry and journaling. We sat down and asked her her favorite parts about Montauk winters and what she prioritizes during this slow season.


What are some of your favorite things to do in Montauk during winter? 

As we know, Montauk becomes quite desolate in the winter but that is part of its beauty. The duality of the high energy, fast paced summer and the serene, contemplative season of winter.  I absolutely love walks on the beach and hikes in the woods and being revitalized but the clean brisk air.  It feels raw and alive.  I love to cook, spend time with friends, sit by the fire and tackle the never ending stack of books next to my bed.  It's a beautiful time for introspection.  


Why is Montauk so special to you? 

I think the thing that makes it truly special is that it has an energy not easily conveyed in words.  It is spiritual and rich.  This undercurrent creates an energy of community, kindness and appreciation for its natural beauty.  It is a remarkable place that people are drawn to but can never quite pinpoint why it draws them in so deeply.  It's magic.  I feel really grateful to call such a special place home.


How do you prioritize your health during winter?  

I take time to get into nature, breathe in the ocean air, and enjoy the quiet pace to reset my mind, body and spirit.  And any Montauk local can tell you, one of the secrets to living here year round is to travel and explore other destinations. To never lose sight of that wanderlust.

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