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When You're Missing Summer in Montauk

By Editor 2021, March

Hailing from New England before making her move to New York in 2011, DJ Kasey Berry considers herself a lifelong music aficionado. In addition to her residencies in and around New York City, Kasey spends—and spins— many-a-summer at our home base in Montauk. Get to know Kasey, and check out her mix below—it's perfect for those gray days when you’re missing summer (and when summer misses you).

My most significant musical influence:

I credit my parents and my older sister for introducing me to a wide range of genres at an early age. They helped build the foundation for my love of music.

Nowadays, I feel most influenced and inspired when I go out and hear another DJ play, and they’re taking creative risks and putting songs together in ways I never thought to do. Those are the moments that make me want to challenge myself to do the same—to take risks.

My all-time favorite song:

It’s so hard to choose just one! The first song that comes to mind is Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. It’s such a timeless song that I never get tired of hearing, and one that can take on a range of meanings and emotions depending on when I listen to it.

My dream DJ gig:

A big beach party—it could be Montauk, somewhere in the Caribbean, or even Spain— anywhere I can play something that feels good in-the-moment and just makes everyone want to dance.

When I'm missing summer, I like to:

Turn on a summery playlist, pour myself some rosé, and start planning a trip to somewhere warm!

My best day in Montauk includes:

- Grabbing coffee and breakfast from Joni’s Montauk and spending the morning at the beach
- Walking the trails around the Montauk Lighthouse and Camp Hero State Park
- Watching the sunset and eating lobster cobb salad at Duryea’s Lobster Deck
- Spending the night hanging and dancing at Gurney’s fire pit





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