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In conversation with Naturopathica Founder Barbara Close

By Editor 2023, March

Naturopathica knows that nature has been making remedies since the dawn of time. Their mission is to connect them back to you. They mean to heal with natural therapies, and empower everyone to take control of their own well-being with healing arts centers, skincare and body products, remedies, and rituals. Naturopathica takes a holistic approach to beauty, and connects it to our health, our community, and the earth.

Their roots are as authentic as their ingredients. They were founded in 1995 by Barbara Close, a trained esthetician, massage therapist, aromatherapist and herbalist with a master’s degree in plant medicine. Barbara had long known the healing power of nature, and after searching for “clean” skincare products before they even existed, she resolved to create them herself in a modern herbal apothecary.

As Naturopathica went from a small healing arts studio to a leader in botanical healing, it pioneered “clean beauty” practices that were common sense to Barbara: a holistic approach to skin health, where skin is a reflection of all that happens inside the body. Using her expertise as an herbalist and esthetician, Barbara crafted high-performance products made with a hybrid of natural ingredients and clean cosmeceuticals. Instead of fighting against nature, Barbara designed products to work with the skin to deliver visible, lasting results.

The Sanctuary Spa has built a strong partnership with Naturopathica, and because we love the line and believe in its efficacy so much, its one of the only skincare brands available to purchase in our wellness shop. We were lucky enough to chat with Barbara Close, Founder of Naturopathica.

Barbara Close picking plants in a field in the sunlight.

At Naturopathica, our roots are as authentic as our ingredients. Our first Naturopathica Healing Arts Center & Spa was founded in East Hampton, NY by Barbara Close, an esthetician, massage therapist, aromatherapist and herbalist with a master’s degree in plant medicine. She wanted to create a modern herbal apothecary where people could learn about the healing arts such as meditation, massage, aromatherapy, and holistic skincare. Today, Naturopathica’s  collection of skin, body, and herbal remedy products, are featured at over 300 destination and resort spas across the country, including Sanctuary. 

How did Naturopathica find its way to Sanctuary? 

Naturopathica was selected as one of the core brands when Sanctuary opened its door in 2001 for the simple reason that both our brands were passionate about wellness, long before it was trendy. Beginning with our own spa in 1995, Naturopathica has been having a discussion about clean skin care almost three decades. We are thrilled that clean skincare is now mainstream. Equally important is our commitment to clean, clinically proven cosmeceuticals which was the perfect fit for Sanctuary’s results-oriented treatments.

What are some of the most used/sold Naturopathica products at Sanctuary?

Naturopathica face and body treatments are offered in the spa along with a full range of retail products including some of our top sellers: Chamomile Cleansing Milk, White Tea Antioxidant Mask, Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream, Holy Basil & Retinol Ageless Night Oil , Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm, Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Remedy, Passionflower Sleep Tincture and Alpine Arnica Magnesium Gel.


Naturopathica products displayed next to fresh ingredients like oranges.

How should we change our skin care routines depending on season and location, i.e. Montauk vs Scottsdale, winter vs summer?

Naturopathica focuses on a holistic approach to skin health, where the skin is a reflection of all that happens inside the body as well as the surrounding environment. At Naturopathica, we get to the root cause of an imbalance and offer customized rituals that offer results year-round. From our Pear & Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel or Glycolic Refining Peel for removing dead skin calls and revitalizing the skin, to our Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm and Manuka Honey Whipped Oil to add nourish dehydrated skin, Naturopathica provides solutions for every skin concern.

What are the most important values of the brand?

Staying true to our Roots. We vigorously vet every ingredient we use in our formulas. Each ingredient is measured for its efficacy, sourcing, and environmental impact. Our formulas all work in harmony with the skin’s natural function so we can deliver noticeable results without irritation.or discomfort. We never use : Animal Derived ingredients or animal testing, endocrine disruptors, silicones, or any other potentially toxic ingredient.

What are your favorite products? 

It says a lot about Naturopathica that many of our bestsellers have been client favorites since the founding of our company. Some of my favorites include: our Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream is beloved as nature’s remedy for dry, devitalized skin. The Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel not only leaves the skin smoother and glowing, but it smells so good you may be tempted to eat it! Lastly, everyone craves a good night’s sleep. The Passionflower & Kava Sleep Tincture is a sure bet for sweet dreams.

Is there anything you want our guests & readers to know? 

While many people know Naturopathica for being a pioneer in clean skin care, we are also a leader in green technology. This means sourcing our ingredients sustainably and getting our ingredients to work smarter with technologies such as fermentation to deliver enhanced benefits for the skin. It’s exciting to always be pushing the envelope with new skin care ingredients that surprise and delight out customers.

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