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Say Goodbye to Winter With Beauty Editor Holly Rhue

By Holly Rhue 2021, March

The seasoned beauty editor shares expert tips for skin-care products that are so next season.

Holly Rhue knows a thing or two about skin-care. As a New York-based editor of BYRDIE, the wildly popular beauty and wellness site, she’s an expert on top-notch beauty regimens. But as a beach girl at heart, the Virginia Beach native is always on the hunt for products that recreate a sun-kissed look even when she’s stuck in the middle of Manhattan. 

Can’t make it to Montauk this weekend? Rhue has you covered: from self-tanning drops to the perfect SPF, her top picks will help you transition your skin-care routine from winter to spring in no time.


Peach & Lily Glass Skin Moisturizer

While you've likely been slathering on a rich night cream to get through winter, most people will want to opt for something lighter as the weather warms up. As we start spending more time outdoors (which means wearing masks), an oil-free moisturizer like Peach & Lily's Glass Skin Moisturizer won't clog your pores, and it’s easy to layer underneath a sunscreen. 


Golde Destress Ade 


Daylight Savings has wreaked havoc on my sleep, but this magnesium-infused recipe from Brooklyn-based wellness company Golde is the remedy. It tastes delicious (like a light spritzer) and softly nudges you to sleep. I add a few mint leaves when I want to feel extra special. 


Glossier Invisible Shield 


While you should technically wear sunscreen every single day (no matter the weather or the season), spring is a great time to invest in a new formula. SPF doesn't have a long shelf life (check the expiration dates on your bottles), so if you've been using leftover sunscreen from last summer, it's time to pick up a new bottle. I wear Glossier's Invisible Shield every single day—it's lightweight, doesn't leave a white-cast, and is formulated with the subtlest (but most delightful) lemony scent that reminds me warmer weather is just around the corner. 


Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Sunshine Drops 


Drunk Elephant's D-Bronzi sunshine drops are ideal for anyone who wants a summer glow in the middle of March. Just add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen to add a touch of warmth and color to your skin. It'll look like you just spent a weekend at Gurney's, but it'll wash off at the end of the day. 


Ouai Wave Spray


I have naturally curly hair, so as the weather warms up (and the humidity levels rise), I give up on fighting my natural curl pattern with heat styling and just embrace what I have. If you're in a similar boat and have wavy-to-curly hair, I can't recommend Ouai's Wave Spray enough. It gives my hair the perfect amount of crunch-free texture that makes it look like I spent the day on a sailboat.