Life by the sea.


Waterfront havens in Montauk, NY and Newport, RI

In 1926, Montauk local, Maude Gurney, set out to capture the spirit of his seaside home in order to share it with the outside world. To do this, he built an intimate destination that would connect vacation-seekers to the beautiful beach town that seemed to charm all that visited. The result was a small, yet captivating, 20-unit hotel named Gurney’s Inn.

black and white photo of Montauk lighthouse in the snow

Essential Experiences

Local Way of Life

At Gurney’s, all are welcome to live like a local – even if it’s just for the weekend.

Remarkable Destinations

Rare Finds

Iconic destinations, exceptional amenities and effortless style. Each one of our resorts is irresistibly elegant.


A Great Community


Guests can soak up that “life by the sea” feeling, celebrating the individual character, community, history and culture of Gurney's destinations.

For Decades, (Gurney's Montauk) Has Set The Standard for East Coast Luxury.

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