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The Importance of Independence Workshop with Eva Maurice

Join us for a 90-minute ‘The Importance of Independence’ workshop that will explore the power of owning our actions, emotions, thoughts, and energy in the world.

Ideal for
Groups of Friends
Sunday, May 5
1:00pm – 2:30pm

Sanctuary Spa Movement Studio

General Admission: $55 per person (plus tax & Eventbrite service fees)
Tickets available exclusively through Eventbrite

Resort Members: $40 per person (plus tax)

Guided by mind-life counselor Eva Maurice, we will delve into the concept of accountability in our relationships - personal, professional, family, and partners, as well as discuss the value of interdependence in fostering healthy and fulfilling connections. We will also discover the understanding of independence, interdependence, and codependence. 

In addition to interactive exercises, participants will walk away with practical tips for personal growth, guided visualization for self-discovery, and tools for cultivating healthier relationships and a stronger sense of self.

Advanced reservations are required. All levels are welcome. Dress in comfortable clothing.

About Eva Maurice

As a contemporary Mindful-Life Counselor, Eva Maurice inspires seekers to evolve and love their lives. Her compassionate yet candid approach creates a safe space for her clients to discover and express their deepest truths and develop a clearer perspective of their life’s purpose. People who work with Eva often have enlightening, emotional experiences.

Eva’s insight, wit, and gentle nature make her a remarkable and effective intuitive guide, public speaker, and meditation facilitator. She started her private counseling practice in 2011 after a fulfilling career in training and marketing in the beauty and wellness industry. She has over 25 years of professional speaking experience, she studied Spiritual Psychology, at the University of Santa Monica, and completing her Doctrine in Metaphysical Counseling at the University of Sedona, and is a certified meditation teacher through the McLean Meditation Institute. She served as a chaplain and president of the board of trustees at the Unity of Sedona, and has taught globally at a variety of resorts, clubs, spas, wellness companies, festivals, and conferences. 

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