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Wellness Classes

Nurture your body with a rotating mix of daily wellness classes.

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Featuring over 30 weekly classes, guests can enjoy complimentary workouts including sunrise yoga, water fitness, pilates reformer, spinning, tai chi, core yoga, and more. Class descriptions are listed below.

Daily Class Schedule

7:00am | Outdoor Fit Camp | Jason
8:00am | Sunrise Stretch (Yoga Lawn) | Jason
8:30am |Restorative Yoga | Keryl
9:30am | Pickleball Clinic* | Frank
12:30pm | Water Fitness | Grayson 
2:45pm | TRX Suspension | Brian
4:00pm | 20/20/20 | Brian
5:15pm | Refresh, Renew, Recover | Brian

7:00am | Pilates Reformer (All Levels) | Kathy
8:30am | Tennis Clinic* | Frank
8:30am | Meditative Stretch | Beri
9:30am | Pickleball Group Drill* | Frank
11:15am | Pilates Reformer (Beg/Int) | Kay
12:30pm | Pilates Reformer (All Levels) | Kay
5:00pm | Meditative Stretch | Patti

7:00am | Outdoor Fit Camp | Jason
7:00am | Cycle & Sculpt | Kathy
8:00am | Sunrise Stretch (Spa Lawn) | Jason
9:30am | Pickleball Clinic* | Scott
12:30pm | Pilates Reformer (Beg/Int) | Nicholle
5:30pm | Aerial Yoga w/ Sound Healing* | Jeanette

8:00am | Tennis Clinic* | Scott
8:30am | Meditative Stretch | Beri
9:30am | Pickleball Group Drills* | Scott
10:00am | Outdoor Mat Pilates | Jessica
11:15am | Pilates Reformer (Beg/Int) | Jessica
12:30pm | Pilates Reformer (All Levels) | Jessica
5:30pm | Sound Meditation (Quiet Room) | Jeanette

7:00am | Outdoor Fit Camp | Jason
7:30am | Pilates Reformer (Adv) | Nicholle
8:00am | Bike & Hike (Echo Canyon) | Steve
8:00am | Sunrise Stretch (Yoga Lawn) | Jason
8:45am | TRX Suspension | Nicholle
11:15am | Pilates Reformer (Beg/Int) | Grayson
1:00pm | Flow Yoga | Keryl

8:00am | Bike & Hike (Echo Canyon)* | Steve
8:00am | Tennis Clinic* | Frank
8:30am | Aerial Yoga* | Carlee
8:30am | Foam Rolling | Jason
9:45am | Pilates Reformer (Adv) | Jessica
10:15am | Water Fitness | Abby
11:00am | Pilates Reformer (Beg/Int) | Jessica
12:30pm | Restorative Yoga | Keryl
1:45pm | Cardio Sculpt | Patti
3:00pm | Meditative Stretch | Patti

8:30am | Aerial Yoga* | Carlee
8:30am | Foam Rolling | Jason
9:30am | Power Walk | Jason
10:00am | Flow Yoga (All Levels) | Keryl
10:15am | Water Fitness | Grayson
11:15am | Restorative Yoga | Keryl
1:00pm | Sound Meditation (Quiet Room) | Jeanette

*Classes with fees: Bike & Hike ($45), Aerial Yoga ($35), Tennis Clinic ($65), Pickleball Group Drill ($65), Court & Core ($65)

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Classes will max out at the following number of people per class: Pilates Reformer (6), Cycle (6), Water Fitness (6), Bike & Hike (5), All Other Classes (8)

Sound Meditation is located in the Quiet Room (see Spa Front Desk). Socks are required for all Pilates Reformer classes. 24 hour cancellation required for Aerial Yoga.

Personal Training and Private Classes available by appointment.

Class Descriptions

20/20/20 Workout: The ultimate challenge and total body workout. 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of sculpt, and 20 minutes of stretching and core work.

Flow Yoga: A series of standing and balancing postures linking breath and movement. (all levels)

Sound Meditation: Use sound as tool to cultivate and support deep relaxation. An experience that heals the body, clears the mind and helps rein your attention to the present.

*Pilates Reformer: A total-body workout that will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and standing with improved body alignment. (beginners/intermediate)

TRX Suspension Training: Challenge your strength, flexibility and core with exercises using your bodyweight against gravity, with resistance straps suspended from the ceiling. (all levels)

Core Yoga: Yoga influenced core work with emphasis on what lies at our spiritual core and directs our best practice. (all levels)

Water Fitness (Seasonal): Land and water based exercises that combine muscular and cardiovascular conditioning into one fun and revitalizing workout. (All levels)

*Bike & Hike (Camelback Mountain): Bike to Camelback Mountain and climb/hike. Advanced groups will hike scenic “Echo” trail. Please wear proper foot attire and meet in the Spa courtyard. Please call fitness at ext. 700 for reservations or questions. $45 fee per person applies.

Restorative Meditation: Meditative form of yoga focused on breath while releasing tension in your body. The class ends with a voice guided meditation.

Cardio/Sculpt: Elevate your heart rate and tone your body using a combination of large motor movements, weights, bands and bars. (all levels)

Outdoor FIT Camp: Lunge, squat, lift, and perform plyometric fitness moves to strengthen your entire body. (all levels )

Indoor Cycling/Indoor Cycling & Abs: This class emulates road riding on a specially designed Keiser and gear cycle. Bikes are clip accessible. Call ext. 336 or 326 to reserve your spinning bike.

Meditative Stretch: A full body, restorative stretch with a quiet Zen atmosphere of peaceful music playing in the background.

Refresh, Renew, Recover: Foam rolling and stretching to ease aches and pains, recover quicker, reduce injuries, and improve performance.

*Aerial Yoga: A combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor and postures using a soft fabric trapeze (Hammock/Sling) suspended at hip height. Move freely with less effort by counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension in the bones and muscles, strengthens core muscles while increasing spinal and shoulder flexibility.

*Aerial Core: Strengthen the upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back muscles while suspended in an aerial hammock. Using the hammock to support a blend of Aerialist and Pilates - allows for better form as well as functional movement to stretch and strengthen the core more efficiently. Beginner friendly with modifications and assistance provided. It is recommended to wear full length leggings.

*Aerial Yoga w/Sound Meditation: Basic foundational yoga poses using the aerial silk to deepen into stretches with sound healing that resonates around your whole body. The sound meditation ranges from harmonic tones from crystal singing bowls, gong, ocean drum and voice.

*Court & Core: This 90 minute class is a combination of pickleball instruction and off court fitness training. The first half focuses on a specific concept and integrates into liveball in a group format. The second half is designed to help you move better on the court. Each session will help you discover areas to improve as a player to take your game and training to the next level. $65 for resort guests. $45 for members.

*Paddle Board Yoga: Enjoy the art of performing yoga while on a paddle board. This sport combines various yoga poses, breath and the beautiful outdoors all in one experience. $55 class fee. Please register by 7pm the night before class. Note: people over 6’ tall or 250 pounds will need to inform the spa desk as we provide a longer board for more stability.