Sound Journey setup of symbols, harmonium, guitar and sound bowls.

Sound Journey with Kari & Shazz

Enjoy the sunset on Sanctuary’s beautiful Spa Lawn as you are guided through an array of diverse sounds, each imbued with unique frequencies and vibrations that resonate with distinct layers of your physical and energetic body, paving the way for deep healing and a profound connection back with your truest self.

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Sound is a universal language that transcends culture, time and space. Sound therapy is energy work and when there are blocks or stagnation in the body and mind, there is dissonance and lack of coherence. This sound journey will help attune your body to more optimal frequency. Tonal and Rhythmic Instrument Benefits: Deep relaxation, stress reduction, improved sleep, clear energetic blocks, supports mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Thursday, March 14

Spa Lawn
$49 per guest | $40 per members

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Sound Journey setup on Sanctuary's Spa Lawn with Camelback Mountain in background.