Three people in yoga attire, stretching toward the sky amid desert landscape with Praying Monk in background.

Pink Full Moon Yoga & Sound Journey

Full moons are a powerful time for finding your truest source of strength and stability. Join us for a relaxing two-hour class that will guide you through a Flow Yoga instruction, followed by a peaceful Sound Journey. This session will use movement to unblock energy throughout your body and sound to restore tranquility.

Ideal for
Groups of Friends

Sound is a universal language that transcends culture, time and space. Sound therapy is energy work and when there are blocks or stagnation in the body and mind, there is dissonance and lack of coherence. This sound journey will help attune your body to more optimal frequency. Tonal and Rhythmic Instrument Benefits: Deep relaxation, stress reduction, improved sleep, clear energetic blocks, supports mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

After the class, toast the pink moon with a complimentary glass of rosé at jade bar.

Thursday, April 6

Tennis Courts
$65 per person
Call 1-888-722-6230 to reserve.