Seawater Spa pool with lounge chairs and ocean view.

The Seawater Spa


Experience diverse wellness treatments steeped in the spirit of our seaside location, offering distinct wellness traditions and innovations including seawater and marine-based therapies, hydrotherapy and contrast bathing, advanced skincare, and therapeutic bodywork. Call us for more information, pricing, and to book your treatment.

Relax and rejuvenate with our exclusive wellness treatments.
Gurney’s Bespoke Massage
60/90 Minutes
A personalized approach that transcends traditional massage, combining prescriptive bodywork, topical remedies and therapeutic tools that are equally attuned to individual intention
The Zone Massage
60/90 Minutes
Enjoy a 30 minute infrared sauna wrap with scalp and neck massage followed by a deep tissue muscle massage. Stretching and slow-focused techniques reach problem spots and enhance mobility
Pain Away Massage
60/90 Minutes
This massage targets pain relief with effective strokes and pressure, CBD infused products, and anti-inflammatory menthol and arnica. CBD functions like food for the body’s internal mainframe, responsible for maintaining optimal balance while relieving pain and regulating the mind-body connection
Salt Stone Therapy Massage
60/90 Minutes
Breathe in the healing benefits of salt in our Halotherapy treatment room featuring a Himalayan salt wall and heated Salt table, while your massage therapist uses heated Himalayan salt stones to release muscle tension
Quick Conditioning Facial
30 min

Condition your skin in half the time with this targeted treatment which will effectively take on any challenge and leave your skin healthy, nourished and energized. Facial includes a patented Micro-Peel exfoliation, Light therapy and a Vitamin C + Collagen Mask to send you off with a healthy glow

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High Performance Facial
60 min

Created to answer the call of what your skin needs today this high performance facial is customized to leave your skin feeling and looking its best. A clinical grade, patented Alpha Beta® Micro-Peel and clean, pharmaceutical grade actives will treat almost every skin concern and leave a youthful and radiant glow. A short burst of Light Therapy will nourish your skin from within and renew and replenish any condition. The therapeutic effects of this facial will be immediate and leave visible and unparalleled results

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Perfect Complexion Facial
90 min

The ultimate complexion perfecting experience. An intensive facial experience will prevent, correct and maintain aging skin using cutting edge Microcurrent lifting technology and restoring your youthful glow with a clinical grade patented Alpha Beta® Micro-Peel. A healthy dose of Light Therapy and double treatment mask will improve cellular health and significantly reduce visible signs of aging or skin challenges. Utilizing clean technology in our pharmaceutical grade products, we never compromise results supercharging your skin, erasing imperfections and restoring your natural beauty

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Quick Fix Hydrafacial
30 min
Deeply cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin through our super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid
Customized Hydrafacial
45 min
Our signature HydraFacial addresses specific skin concerns through HydraFacial's boosters and protocols. Choose from Radiance, Restorative, Clarity, or Age-refinement
Platinum Hydrafacial
60 min
The ultimate HydraFacial experience. Begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage. Follow with the Signature HydraFacial to deeply cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin. Address specific skin concerns with a booster of your choice. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging
Hydrafacial Additions

Extend the benefits of the HydraFacial treatment to other parts of the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin.  

  • · Neck and Décolleté 10 min
  • · Hands (no extractions, no Beta-HD) 15 min
  • · Arms (no extractions, no Beta-HD) 15 min
  • · Back Signature 30 min
  • · Back Clarifying 60 min
Crystal Reiki Rebalancing Facial
60/90 Minutes

This facial begins with the sound of ocean waves in the background while sea based aromatherapy inhalation transports you while being rebalanced on our Amethyst Stone Biomat. Wave-like techniques cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin all while the Biomat's far infrared rays and negative ions activate the body at the molecular level. The facial finishes with the placement of crystals along the chakras, breathwork, and a closing chant. Includes hand, arm, and foot treatment

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Hydrafacial Keravive Treatment
30 min
This three-part system cleanses and exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes, and extends and enhances, resulting in healthier, thicker, fuller-looking hair. We recommend 3 sessions, 1 month apart, while using at-home care daily in between sessions
Body Scrubs
30 mins each

Clear away dead skin, increase cell turnover and boost the circulatory system with a choice of exfoliators:

  • Sea & Salt Glow: An invigorating body polish from salt and sea elements with organic seaweed to leave skin buffed, restored and glowing    
  • Lathering Body Buff: Dual action lathering body buff exfoliates the skin with finely ground walnut shells and nourishes with a blend of almond oil, seaweed and ginger extract

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Detoxifying Spiced Mud Wrap
30 min

Seaweed is taken fresh from the ocean and its rich purifying antioxidant elements are released during this rich Warm Spiced Mud Wrap. Offering immediate and noticeable nourishing and smoothing effects to the skin while the aromatic scents of ginger and orange revive the senses
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Simulating Seaweed Leaf Wrap
30 min

This truly grounding therapy uses real organic seaweed leaves to wrap your body. The whole body is then covered in Laminaria Seaweed leaving you feeling truly revitalized, and your skin will appear bright, smooth and silky soft
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New Beginnings Massage
60/90 min
A deeply nourishing body massage designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during or after pregnancy. This soothing body massage uses pregnancy pillows to offer the most support possible to ensure the most restorative relaxation possible while the therapist uses Swedish, trigger point and stretching techniques to reenergize the body

Opening soon! Included with a 90+ minute treatment, guide yourself through our marine-inspired facilities, thermal pools, and seawater pool circuit. Enjoy complimentary use of our private men’s and women’s locker rooms, dry sauna and co-ed relaxation rooms, eucalyptus steam room and heated stone bench. An extensive collection of heating, cooling and resting environments creates a wellness experience to invigorate the body and balance the nervous system