A couple lounges together outdoors while receiving saline IV drips.

NutriDrip IV Drips by Clean Market

Gurney’s Montauk is thrilled to host NutriDrip by Clean Market’s first seasonal location in the Hamptons. Visit the new IV Drip lounge at The Seawater Spa, or schedule an in-room IV drip during your stay.

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A leader in functional wellness, NutriDrip by Clean Market provides IV Drip Therapy for therapeutic and rejuvenating benefits with a full menu of signature Wellness and Recovery IV Drips. Benefits include:

• Energy
• Detox
• Immunity
• Glowing Skin
• Hangover Recovery
• Anti-Aging

NutriDrip’s signature IV Drips–which are administered by registered nurses–utilize fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to treat you and get you back to feeling your absolute best.

How it works:

1. Book your appointment online or by calling The Seawater Spa
2. Experience a quick health consult with a registered nurse
3. Choose your IV drip based on your wellness goals
4. Enjoy your customized IV drip + relax!

Accelerate your wellbeing with IV Drip Therapy.

Quick Recovery.
Ease unpleasant hangover symptoms, return to optimal mental and physical health.

An Immune Boost.
Accelerate and restore your body’s natural defenses so you can stay safe and healthy.

Total Cleanse.
Increase energy, improve mood, reduce fatigue, boost your system back into balance.

Personalized Experience.
Clean Market's medical team is ready to create a customized IV Drip solution to meet your personal health goals.

View our services menu and book your IV Drip today.