Dior Treatment room with Dior floral print beddings and artwork.

Dioriviera At Seawater Spa

Based on the alignment of skin and senses, the Dior Skincare philosophy considers each guest holistically, with specific care. With a commitment to provide the most intimate and beautiful experience of true well-being, the Dior savoir-faire heightens expertise, allowing dreams to inspire reality, promising the never-ending delight of an immediate and lasting transformation.

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Dior Treatments:

Dior Prestige High Precision

This facial treatment uses energetic motions dedicated to the facial contours, lips, or eyes, personalized to your needs. High-precision motions defuse tension, enhancing muscle support and skin regeneration. The skin regains volume, flexibility, and comfort. Specific motions are used for each targeted area: soft or hard strokes, deep maneuvers or pressure points and smoothing motions transform each part of the face. The three facial areas are treated simultaneously with the 90-minute version.

L’or De Vie Miracle

This miracle ritual is the embodiment of the ultimate holistic facial treatment. Gentle exfoliation and stimulating gestures prepare the skin for treatment. Stimulating and rhythmic facial motions relax micro-tensions and calm the skin and mind. To enhance the treatment, a thermo-heating mask full of precious ingredients is then applied. The skin is transformed, and the face glows with spectacular radiance.

Deep Tissue Facial

This high-performance age-defying treatment begins with a deep tissue energizing immersion. As a catalyst for youth, a series of lifting facial muscle treatments are performed for spectacular rejuvenating effects, ranging from the deepest to the most precise result. All signs of aging are reduced. Fine lines are smoothed, contours re-sculpted, and facial volume is visibly restored.

Fundamental Energy

Between relaxation and energy, the deep, precise motions work to tone the tissues, relieve tension, and release energy. The body is deeply regenerated and detoxified, surrendering to a feeling of incomparable lightness. The body is invigorated and full of energy.

Sublime Harmony

Rediscover harmony of body and mind. A multi-sensory journey that frees the emotions. Restore mindfulness through harmonized enveloping motions inspired by Californian and Swedish massages. A multi-sensory full body journey that restores harmony and wraps the senses in calm.

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