With floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding sea, the Newport Seawater Spa is imbued with the healing power of water.

Relax and rejuvenate with our menu of wellness treatments.
Seawater Spa Massage
50 Minutes | $140 80 Minutes | $185
A unique massage experience, improving circulation and flexibility While relieving tension and promoting overall relaxation.
Deep Tissue
50 Minutes | $145 80 Minutes | $195
A massage targeting the deeper tissues and focusing on the problem areas of the body to enhance the natural recovery process.
Warm Himalayan Saltstone
50 Minutes | $145 80 Minutes | $190
A massage done with warm Himalayan salt stones soothes stress while tension and pollutants are drawn out of the body, driving the mind, body and spirit into balance.
Aroma Massage
50 Minutes | $140 80 Minutes | $185
An aromatic journey that suits your needs of the moment with Coconut, Lavender, Wild Rose, Cucumber, Lemongrass or Relief.
Raindrop Aromatherapy
50 Minutes | $135 80 Minutes | $185
The effects of this full body massage are twofold. Pure essential oils are absorbed into the skin to detoxify and cleanse the body and to reset the mind and balance the emotions.
Smooth rhythmic strokes stimulate circulation and relax muscles strained from stress and tension. (Not performed in the first trimester) 50 Minutes
Ultimate Massage
This nearly two hour massage uses a combination of warm Himalayan salt stones and relaxing hands on techniques for our most indulgent massage treatment. 110 Minutes
Customized Massage
50 Minutes | $140 80 Minutes | $195
A massage that is personalized for you. Please let the therapist know what you would like to focus on and the pressure you prefer.
Shoulder To Shoulder
An efficient massage targeting the areas you hold the most tension neck, back and shoulders. 25 Minutes
Body Treatments
Sand & Sea Body Wrap
An exfoliating scrub containing sand, jojoba beads and apricot kernels cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The Vichy Shower cascades a warm mist over your body then cocoa butter is worked into the skin to moisturize and soften.
Anti-Aging A-C-E Body Wrap
This treatment includes a full body exfoliation, nourishing wrap and our featured award-winning Vitamin A, C, and E Body Cream leaving your body revitalized and more youthful.
Seaside Salt Glow
A full body exfoliation using sea salt rich in minerals stimulates and nourishes the skin while seaweed extracts moisturize and soften, finished with a full body moisturization using a marine based body lotion. 25 minutes
Seawater Spa Manicure
Hands will feel soft and revived. This treatment involves meticulous nail and cuticle care, a hand massage and a polish finish. 30 minutes.
Seawater Spa Pedicure
Feet will glow after a Seawater Spa Pedicure. An exfoliation revitalizes dry calloused skin while a foot massage and a polish complete our signature treatment for the feet. 50 minutes.
Shellac Manicure
50 minutes
French Manicure
30 minutes
French Pedicure
50 minutes
Seawater Signature Facial
Always customized to your skin’s unique needs, this comprehensive European facial offers a power-packed treatment to protect your cell's DNA for ultimate age prevention. 50 minutes.
Collagen Booster Therapy
Using ultra-potent hyaluronic acid and collagen to boost the skin from the inside out, this treatment plumps the skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. 80 minutes.
Bellanina Facelift Massage
50 Minutes | $140 80 Minutes | $185
This treatment lifts, tones and firms facial muscles through a series of specialized facial massage strokes, leaving a glowing look for days. Regular treatments over time help muscles remain firm and tight leaving a more youthful complexion as under eye bags and fines lines are softened. 50 minutes massage only, 80 minutes massage and facial.
Pure Hydration Facial
A non-invasive deep clean and exfoliation that will leave skin fresh, glowing and ready for day or night. 25 minutes.
Skinceuticals Alpha Beta Peel
50 minutes
Rejuvenation Facial
50 minutes
Pure Radiance Facial
80 minutes
Quick Peel
30 Minutes