In The Kitchen With Chef Doug Forgione

By Editor 2022, June

A native of the east coast, Chef Doug Forgione grew up surrounded by culinary finesse—both his uncle, Chef Larry Forgione, and cousin, Chef Marc Forgione, served as early mentors, making the career something of a family affair. 

Born on Long Island, New York, Chef Doug graduated from culinary school at the International Culinary Center (formerly The French Culinary Institute) and later worked at some of New York City’s finest kitchens, from Pig and Khao to Collichio and Sons and even Restaurant Marc Forgione, helmed by his cousin. 


But it was under Chef Soulayphet Schwader (a.k.a. Chef Phet), at Tribeca’s Khe-Yo, where Chef Forgione first learned the ins and outs of kitchen etiquette—this formative experience instilled many of the cooking fundamentals he still holds today.


Recently, Chef Forgione was appointed as Executive Chef at our Star Island Resort, which means he’s bringing his culinary finesse to the venues at Gurney’s Star Island including Showfish, Il Forno, and The Pool Club.


We checked in with Chef Doug to get a glimpse behind the doors of Gurney’s kitchens, and to get a taste of what’s in store this season. 


What is your favorite Montauk spot (aside from Gurney’s, of course)?

668 The Gig Shack. It has a small but curated menu, it’s locally owned, and puts out a great consistent product.


Who or what inspires you?

Chefs that came before me and many of my excited young line cooks.


What is your must-have dish on the Showfish menu, and why?

Tuna Ribeye. It’s sourced from Block Canyon, which is approximately 70 miles off the coast of Montauk. We serve it on the bone (that’s where the ribeye verbiage comes from), and it’s not only an impressive presentation but a beautiful example of the fresh seafood available from the fishermen in Montauk. 

Which of the light bites would you recommend for someone visiting The Fire Pit? 

We are debuting some delicious salad wraps, which actually came about from an impromptu tasting menu for a VIP guest—we didn't have advance notice going into the tasting, and we came up with the wraps on the spot (sometimes the best ideas happen organically). So, we’re bumping up the original idea and we’re excited to introduce that reimagined dish on our Firepit menu.


What are you most excited about for this season at Gurney’s?

I started out last year with Showfish, so this property is special to me. I'm most excited to see the growth of the team and to see how far we can push to elevate from last year's experience.


Recipe for Roasted Carrots


Roasted Carrots, Whipped Yogurt, Mint Chimichurri, Za'atar, Toasted Pepitas


Roasted Carrots:

1 bunch of mixed color carrots, small to medium sizing

Extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp black pepper


Clean, peel, and remove the tops of the carrots. In a bowl, toss carrots with EVOO, salt, and pepper, then roast in the oven at 350 degrees until tender but still toothsome (approximately 18 minutes). Set aside once ready. 


Whipped Yogurt

2 cups full-fat Greek yogurt

2 tbsp Za'atar spice

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp EVOO


Combine yogurt, EVOO, salt, and pepper in a food processor until smooth and combined. Next, fold in the Za'atar spice and set to the side.


Toasted Pepitas

1/2 cup raw pepitas


Salt and pepper to taste


Place raw unseasoned pepitas in a saute pan on medium heat; when the pepitas start to pop or jump, fold in the EVOO to coat the pepitas and remove from heat. Next, salt and pepper to taste, and then reserve.


Mint Chimichurri

1 bunch parsley, chopped 

1 bunch of cilantro, chopped 

1/2 bunch mint, chopped

1 red onion, minced 

2 tbsp red pepper flakes 

Olive oil, as needed

1.5 tbsp Sherry vinegar 



1. Cover all ingredients with oil 

2. Add sherry before serving


To assemble:

Place a large spoonful of yogurt on the bottom of a bowl; using the spoon, create a well by spreading the yogurt in a circular pattern. Place the carrots in a neat stack in the center of the well to create height. Next, dress the carrots with the mint chimichurri and garnish with toasted pepitas.