Haunt of Hither Hills

Eerie and mysterious...

A slight shiver up your spine. An experience that brings to life the story of a couple that checked in to Gurney’s over a hundred years ago, but never checked out....

The Haunt of Hither Hills is coming to Gurney’s this October. Vibrant décor, custom cocktails, and mysterious snippets of the couple’s past have transformed the Lobby, Regent Cocktail Club, and Top Deck. 
As legend has it, Alfred and Beatrice Ainsworth checked into Gurney’s Montauk over a hundred years ago to escape the city, collect seashells, and eventually, start a family. Alfred was a writer by trade and spent many evenings working on his novel from the lobby. Beatrice, preparing to start a family and new life in Montauk, spent her days exploring the beach and collecting seashells. Every night at 7:30pm they’d meet in Regent Cocktail Club for their evening cocktails, Beatrice with a Gin Rickey and Alfred with his Old Fashioned.  

As the story goes, strange things began to happen to the couple, and Alfred left for a fishing trip and never returned. Beatrice, lonely and deserted, looked to the crows to fill the void. Eventually, Beatrice went for her morning beach walk to collect shells, but never returned….
Take a step back in time to experience the mystifying life of the Ainsworth’s and their never-ending vacation by the sea.