The Making of Mend Yoga with Founder Brooke Finocchiaro

By Editor 2021, November

Over the past year and a half, wellness has never been more top of mind. That’s one of the many reasons we’re fans of Newport’s Mend, a newish studio that takes wellness to a whole new level with a smart combination of HIIT, yoga, and meditation. 

Founded by three friends after realizing they couldn’t find a wellness studio that ticked all their boxes, Mend’s community swelled during lockdown and the studio continues to offer the same inclusive wellness philosophy we’ve loved from the start. To understand what makes Mend tick, we sat down with co-founder Brooke Finocchiaro to learn a bit more about their Newport-based studio. 


How has mend evolved over the last few years? 

In May of 2019, two of my best friends and I were looking for the perfect yoga studio. We specifically wanted a studio with classes that energized the body and healed the mind, with music that made you feel something, and teachers who made you feel part of a community. When we couldn’t find it, we opened our own in November that same year. Less than six months later we closed our doors due to COVID-19 and went online to Patreon. Thanks to the support of our community, our virtual classes are now watched internationally, and our following has grown by the thousands. 


Recently, after 13 months of virtual classes, we reopened our Newport studio once again for in-person classes alongside our virtual programming. With the guidance of our inspiring staff and vibrant community, we have flourished into the studio of our dreams.


What is it like founding a company with family and friends? 

Starting a company with two of my best friends was something that I will never forget. From late-night sushi to plenty of tears over margaritas, we adapted to a worldwide pandemic mere months after opening our dream studio. But it was our community that pushed us forward in ways we never knew possible — we owe it all to them. 


What is your favorite song to workout to? 

Losing It, a song by Fisher.


What is something you cannot live without? 

Daily balance is key as a yoga teacher and studio owner. Reiki energy healing, meditation, massage therapy, and my support system — these are the things that keep me grounded and moving forward.


How do you start your day? 

I start with Nitro Coffee and a 6 am power vinyasa class with weights. Our bada** 6 am crew brings the type of positive energy that helps kick-start every single day. 


Do you have a favorite memory of Newport?

Listening to Folk Fest on the water followed by a drink at Gurney’s. 


Who or what inspires you? 

Every single one of my students. Also, our amazing teachers and the yogis who came before me who I continue to learn from on a daily basis. 


What is something you are looking forward to? 

The future of Mend!

Find mend hosting their signature power vinyasa classes at Gurney’s Newport Resort and Marina from Memorial Day through October 2021.